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Free shipping on all orders.
Buyers place orders 1-3 days after the arrangement of delivery, courier receipt, about 7-10 days will arrive, delivery. (High season may cause courier delays, please understand, wait patiently)
Please ensure that the information you fill in is correct and detailed when the buyer orders
1. Mobile phone Number: Effective and frequently used mobile phone number, keep open answer, avoid delivery is less than 
2. Address: Please be sure to fill in the correct and sufficiently detailed address to avoid delivery of less than 
3. zip Code: Please be sure to check the local Area ZIP code to fill in 
4. Name: Please fill in the real and complete name 
5. Please fill in the common email address you can contact
Please read the above to the buyer clearly, if there is no clear place please feel free to contact us: we: xmzyone202002@outlook.com