61-Key Flexible Roll-Up Softkey MIDI Keyboard Piano

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Foldable and can be hand-carried and play it anytime and anywhere, also be rolled up for easy storage in you hand bag or carrying case.
You can connect headphone to the jack on piano, enjoy quiet practice, or connect an external speaker, a live concert for your whole family.
Makes you feel absolutely the same as real piano. Play, record and edit your music easily and freely.

Product Description:

01.  61Key (C2~C7) standard tone 5 tone group +1 key.
02.  128 kinds of tone, 100 beats, 40 Option Bonding.
03.  LCD liquid crystal display.
04.  master volume control keys, beat, control keys.
05.  mode selection keys (tone, beat)
06.  recording, programming, play function.
07.  single finger and multi finger and Hyun Hyun.
08.  demonstration jukebox.
09.  pairs of keyboard functions.
10.  start / stop, sync, insert function keys.
11.  MIDI function. Can be directly connected to the computer.
       MIDI OUT connection line is required to edit music
12.  2 step teaching function.
13.  internal loudspeaker: can connect external audio / headset
14.  dimensions: 61 keys: control box (body): 230 (W) x 95 (H) x 31 (D) mm
       Key: 880 (W) x 168 (H) x 6 (D) mm
15.  power supply: 4 AA batteries (can play 15 hours), 
      or  the external power supply: DC6V (Note: the two do not use at the same time.)

Packaging Included:

1 * 61 keys roll-up piano set; 
1 * Power Adapter;
1 * User manual
1 * Portable Handbag(optional)