*Starfish Charms Anklet*

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  • Material: alloy, turquoise bead, shell beads, antique silver plated
  • Features of the foot Chain: Lightweight and comfortable to wear; Simple handmade design, the length can be adjustable with the extension chain ; Light weight, everyday wear with shoes or barefoot. Match with suitable apparel for different occasion.
  • Packed with a nice pouch, can be given as a gift to your friends, beloved ones, or a treat to yourself
  • Symbolism of the Starfish: Starfish are uniquely able to regrow limbs that they may lose due to predatory attacks or other trauma. Many people who are going through a difficult period in life identify with the image of a starfish with one smaller limb to signify the process of regenerating and becoming whole again. A gift of a starfish anklet or bracelet, given to someone who is struggling to reinvent themselves, can be an encouraging symbol of better days to come.